Spirit of Texas Will Be Closed Saturday, November 20th - Friday, November 26th for Fall Break.


 Public Classes 

Tumbling, jumps, stunts, cheers - Spirit of Texas class program can help you improve in all aspects of cheerleading!  Our certified and professional instructors can help take you to the next level - from Beginner to Advanced!

Gym Registration Form

Class Descriptions

Tuition Procedures and Policies

Coppell Public Class Schedule

 How To Enroll in A Public Class

  1. Print off and fill out a Gym Registration Form. If you are unable to print a form, you can fill one out directly at our front desk. Please note that it must be signed by an adult that is 18 years of age or older.
  2. Bring your athlete into the gym for a consult with our staff to determine their current appropriate level. Your athlete may attend a class on the same day of their consultation and the class coach will confirm if they have been placed appropriately. 
  3. We can finish your gym registration at the front desk after the evaluation or, if you so choose, it can be completed over the phone with a valid form of payment and a completed form. 

If you have any questions about enrolling in a public class at the Coppell location, please contact either Jean Ann Peace by phone at (972) 304-6888 or Teighlyr Sullivan via e-mail at STCGINCTeighlyr@gmail.com

Registration Fee


Unlimited Tumbling Class Pass (3 Months)

$249 / 3 Months - Unlimited Classes Per Week / Month

 Gymnastics Class

$80/month - Same Class Once / Week

Pre-School Class


 Jump Class

 Standing Class  

 Open Gym (1 hr.)

Private Lessons

Tumbling - $50.00/half hr
Co-Tumbling - $60.00/half hr

Flying - $60.00/half hr
Co-Flying - $70.00/half hr

Extra Class/Sibling Discount $10/off

   Class Schedule and Fees subject to change without notice.

All Star Tumbling 

Spirit of Texas offers All Star Tumbling as a part of monthly tuition to ALL Level 2 - 5 Team Athletes.
Athletes are allowed to attend as MANY times as they want throughout the season!

All Star Tumbling is an all-inclusive class where athletes of all levels are brought into one large class that is then divided into smaller, level appropriate groups and are set on rotations between Jumps, Standing Tumbling, Corner Tumbling, Tumble Track and Rod Floor. Athletes may work skills beyond their current team level if they have mastered the skills of their current team level.

Level 1 Athletes may attend UNLIMITED Level 1 classes as a supplement to All Star Tumbling.

** Any New Athletes Interested in Evaluating for the 2019-2020 Season May Enroll in All Star Tumbling **
** Please contact the front desk to ask about joining All Star Tumbling as a New Athlete **

Tuesday Session
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday Session
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Sunday Session
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

School Training 

 Spirit of Texas can offer your school many different programs for your cheerleaders needs! We would love the opportunity to train your cheerleaders from BOTH the Arlington and Coppell side of town!! Here is a list of the many options that Spirit of Texas can assist you with your cheer program.

School Training – Spirit of Texas staff will train the squad on stunts, tumbling, tosses, pyramids, and jumps. You can schedule weekly or monthly training sessions depending on you and your athlete’s schedules!

Competition and Pep Rally Choreography – Spirit of Texas is home to some of the best choreographers around! Get an innovative routine, creative music, and professional coaching all from Spirit of Texas! Spirit is the place to go for your choreography needs!

Summer Camp Preparation – Spirit of Texas can arrange stunt groups, arrange formations, or choreograph a cheer for your squad to take with you to camp. 

Private Summer Camp – Let Spirit of Texas customize a summer camp to fit your needs! We can focus on any and all areas of cheerleading and design the camp around your team’s schedule.

School Tumbling Class – Your team can be set up with their own tumbling class. The class would be solely open to cheerleaders from your school. Once a week or twice a week, we can accommodate your needs!

With Spirit of Texas, you can be assured of professional, certified coaches working with your teams. Spirit of Texas coaches strive to have a professional relationship and communicate effectively with all school coaches and their teams.

Please contact Spirit of Texas if we can assist you in anyway! We will provide you with price information, and can also customize any of our programs to fit the specific needs of your school squad. If you have any other questions, email me at STCGINCCody@gmail.com